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Spoiled Brat's Bootslave

You may already know that Miss Tess is a very spoiled young lady who is used that slaves lives in chains around her to make her life as comfortable as possible. She doesn't care about them. From her point of view they are born to serve her.

You will not be surprised when you see a male slave under her in this clip, who is made licking and polishing the expensive boots of this young Mistress. He wears a collar made of chains and the other end of the chain is in her leather gloved hand. She pulls it very hard from time to time because it's fun for her to hear him moaning and to make his job more difficult.

But you will be surprised by Tess' style. Apart from the boots with that special high heels she wears a skin tight and very short leather outfit that will make you speechless. You may think she is too young for such a provocative and bitchy style but she knows how to make male slaves weak.

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