Whipping & Caning

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Don't Kid Miss Tess

What a stupid waiter in this femdom club. The young but known as very cruel Miss Tess orders a glass of champagne and this crazy slave offers her water. Tess looks at the glass and and asks him if he is sure this is champagne. He says it's a champagne glass, so of course it's champagne.

"This is water!", Tess says after a short degustation. The slave is surprised and he apologizes a lot. He wants to get the glass to bring a new one with the ordered champagne immediately but it's too late already. "You will stay here, down!", Tess says and points to the floor.

One minute later the slave's arms are chained to the ceiling and the young sadist stands close to him with a nice cane in her hand. What a pleasurable occasion to make a slave suffer from her cane. For several minutes the mean Mistress makes him dancing under her cane. The cruel precision she already displays with the cane is awesome for such a young lady.

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