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  • Gallery: Lizas Human Ashtray

    Little additional bonus set for you: Lizas human ashtray... Domina Liza, dressed in black leather from head to toe is playing with her cigarette and her poor victim - her human ashtray...

  • Life Is Not Easy

    Domina Liza is ready for a ride, dressed in her skin tight leather trousers, knee high boots and a white blouse. Before she leaves the house she wants to make sure that her boots are spotless. She wants them absolute clean, of course, the stiletto heels and the spurs too.

  • The Lousy Bootlicker

    domina liza sits in the dungeon on a leather couch. she is herself dressed in black leather from head to toe. she orderes her slave to come down. "on your knees" she said. "my boots need attention! start with the toe, then do your way upwards, you understand, slave?"

  • Stick Your Tongue Out

    today we have another phantastic clip starring british pro dom domina liza. the mistress relaxes on a leather couch while her slave is bound in a pillory in front of her, impossible to move.

  • Domination With Leatherboots

    domina liza sits on the slave today who makes a comfortable chair for his mistress. the slave is ordered to kiss the tip of her riding crop. "kiss my boots" "thank you mistress. thank you" "thank you for what slave?" "for letting me kiss your boots mistress!"

  • Worship My Ankle Boots

    today we have another phantastic classic female domination clip starring domina liza from the uk. she wears a wonderful vintage outfit with real nylons and ankle boots. even to watch a mistress in this outfit is a real privilege for any man!

  • Hard Caning In The Chamber

    here we have today the next clip of british pro dom domina liza. her slave is already fixed in the torture dungeon with his ass well presented to his mistress.

  • Too Late To Beg

    It's late at the evening as Domina Liza walks down the steel stairs to inpect her dungeon. Her stiletto heels make that amazing dominant sound on the heels and Liza simply looks stunning. She only wears her vintage lingerie, combined with garter belt and seamed stockings and of course: long leather gloves.

  • Gallery: The Cruel Smoker

    Domina Liza, wearing amazing skinny leather trousers and high heeled, classic leather boots, has a lot of fun with her slave who is abused by the cruel lady as her human ashtray.

  • Disobedience Will Be Punished

    "You know, why you are here, slave?", Domina Liza asks the naked slave who is already prepared for a whipping. "Disobedience will be punished!", she continuous and from this moment the slave knows that he can't expect any mercy from this heartless Mistress.

  • Gallery: In The Rack

    The very strict and mercyless Domina Liza in this picture clip who punishes a strong slave with different whips and her feared cane.

  • Leather Boots Slave

    This clip is for the lovers of classic boots and leather! Even the hard clicking sound of Domina Liza's heels as she walks down the stairway will make you feel you should fall down on your knees! Liza looks so stunning in these classic, lace-up boots and her skin tight leather dress.

  • Painful Wanking

    What sounds like a big pleasure will turn into a nightmare in this clip. Domina Liza returns to her slave and she tells him that she is in the mood to let him have an orgasm. The slave is bound for hours and very happy to hear that, especially because Liza looks so stunning in her black jodhpurs and leather corset.

  • Back For More

    "Do you remember this sound?", Domina Liza asks her slave as she returns and cuts the air with her devilish single tail whip several times. The slave's backside already looks horrible. There are a lot of red lines, marks from a whipping a few hours ago.

  • Your Crying Will Not Help You

    "So many marks already from Monday and Tuesday.", Domina Liza says as she inspects the slave's ass and indeed, it's full of deep red lines. But that will not save him from the caning today. It's Wednesday and the strict Mistress has decided that he will go through a daily caning.

  • Lingerie And High Heels 2

    This picture set shows Domina Liza in stunning vintage lingerie, stockings and classic high heels. She has some fun with her slave in the cellar. From caning to worshipping. Everything that makes a Mistress happy.

  • Lingerie And High Heels

    This picture set shows Domina Liza in stunning vintage lingerie, stockings and classic high heels. She has some fun with her slave in the cellar. From caning to worshipping. Everything that makes a Mistress happy.

  • Caught

    A slave allows hisself a small break. He sits on the punishment bench and enjoys a fetish magazine as the strict sound of high heels comes closer. Domina Liza, dressed in skin tight leather and knee high boots comes downstairs. Panic-fueled the slave tries to hide the magazine but it's to late already.

  • Whipped Without Cause

    Down in the basement, Domina Liza sits on the couch, dressed in black lingerie and long leather gloves. One of her slaves is chained to the iron banister. It looks like a relaxed situation but it isn't. Look what the mean lady has in her hands! It is her favourite single tail whip, feared by all slaves.

  • You Are Only An Ashtray

    Back from the yards, Domina Liza enters the hall with one of her collared slaves behind her. In her hand she still holds the long black bullwhip she has used on the working slaves. The strict lady wears black leather. Completely!