Human Ashtrays

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Stick Your Tongue Out

today we have another phantastic clip starring british pro dom domina liza. the mistress relaxes on a leather couch while her slave is bound in a pillory in front of her, impossible to move.

the mistress enjoys herself by lighten up a cigarette. "i am going to misuse you as a human ashtray today. do you like it slave?" "yes mistress!" "good answer slave!" domina liza really hypnotizing him with her cigarette. "open your mouth, stick out your tongue" comes her sharp voice and the gets the ash of her cigarette on his tongue. domina liza using some nice interrogation technique in this clip asking some questions that are hard to answer correct. but our slave is clever and gives the right answers. but anyways he will recieve more hot burning ash on his tongue and more blows of her smoke into his face. this clip contains excellent human ashtray scenes and wonderful verbal domination!

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