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  • Hanging Orgasm

    "you know why i bring you here" this brand new clip with gorgeous mistress ezada starts. she looks superhot as usual wearing black shiny latex. her slave hanging with his legs high in the air, his prick perfectly exposed to the mistress. and soon she grabs the thick prick squeezing it between her cruel hands.

  • Ass Worship

    here we have a new phantastic clip with gorgeous pro dom mistress ezada! she looks hot waring a white blouse, a black tie, a black corset and tight leggings. her slave is fixed with his arms in a special rack unable to move a lot and ezada demands some butt worship today. what a lucky slave!

  • Hooded Torture

    "have you been stalking me?" mistress ezada says when this new clip starts, dressed in leather and with a smartphone in her gloved hands. "never. mistress." the hooded slave says. but he doesnt get away so easy with this as mistress ezada asking him for the password of the handy.

  • Plateauboots Licking

    here we have another phantastic clip starring gorgeous pro dom mistress ezada. she wears a wonderful outfit including personal overknee plateau boots. she encollors her slave on a leash and he is instructed now to worship her, while she relaxes so he has to start to kiss her boots first gently before he is ordered to lick them all over.

  • Ashtray In The Pillory

    gorgeous beautiful lady mistress ezada has her slave bound tight on the pillory, his arms exposed and he is nearly unable to move. "i am going to train you today as my human ashtray" she says with a sadistic smile on her face. so she lighten on her cigarette and order him to open his mouth.

  • Gallery: The Red Room

    Mistress Ezada, dressed in black latex and later in black leather, relaxing while her slave is worshipping her before she starts to have fun with two of her slaves

    Large picture set of Mistress Ezada, dressed in black latex and later in black leather, relaxing while her slave is worshipping her before she starts to have fun with two of her slaves.

  • Make My Dress Shine Slave

    sometimes slave are in luck. okay, this happens maybe one time in ten years or so and today this is such a day. mistress ezada will of course inflict pain later on this poor victim today but before she will do the slave has the incredible honour to deal with the hot black rubber dress of his goddess and make it shiny with lotion.

  • My Whip Will Make You Singing

    "Do you want to dance for me?", Mistress Ezada asks the slave who is chained to the ceiling with his hands. The mean lady is dressed completely in black leather, especially her tight leather corset shows off her perfect shape. She has a single tail whip in her hand.

  • Hanged And Fucked

    time for the next special clip with real sadistic lady mistress ezada today! she have tied her slave to a rack in a very uncomfortable position with his arms bound in the air and his legs spread apart wide.

  • Gallery: Lucky Slave

    This slave is really a lucky one. He is allowed to see Mistress Ezada in a skin tight, black rubber dress, to worship her stiletto heels and later he may polish her rubber dress with oil and his hands. That means he is allowed to touch her. A lucky slave.

  • Tickling Til Exhausted

    today we have a special clip here which is pretty unusual. there are several ways to torture a slave and one rare, but really cruel method can be to tickle a slave.

  • Ezada's Ashtray Training

    As Ezada lights up her long white cigarette, the leather clad lady looks down at her slave. "Well, you brought me cigarettes but no ashtray.", she says and the slave answers that she can use him as an human ashtray. Ezada smiles and she is immediately aroused by this offer.

  • Caned Hard On The Rack

    "i will show you that i can destroy a butt with my cane slave" famous mistress ezada says in the beginning of this clip. "i heard that you talked to another slave and say that i am a merciful lady. i will show you that i am not" and from the beginning she starts to bring the vicious rattan cane down on the ass of the slave with all power of her right arm with very very hard strokes.

  • Lick My Pumps Clean

    here we have a new clip with gorgeous godddess mistress ezada! she looks absolutely stunning with a tight black rubber dress, stockings and on her adorable feet are some shiny black red classic high heel pumps.

  • A Hard Mouthfuck

    Mistress Ezada is dressed in leather in this wonderful clip. her masked slave is kneeling in front of her. she exposing a big rubber dildo she wears. she caresses the shaft of the cock a lil bit before the slave is ordered to kiss the cock.

  • Training The Sexslave

    today we have another phantastic clip starring mistress ezada. she is dressed in tight latex with rubber gloves. she teases her slave that is bound to a pillory by massaging his cock that is soon very errected.

  • Extreme Cigarette Torture

    Ezada stands close to a naked slave who is fixed into a wooden rack. She smiles at him while she lights up a cigaretta and looks down at the slave. So many marks from earlier punishments. Especially his cock looks more than damaged from a previous caning.

  • Red Cane, Red Cock

    when it comes to absolut natural sadism there are not many ladies in this world compared to mistress ezada. need a proof? then watch this clip!

  • Breaking Down A Slave

    here is a superhot new clip with gorgeous lady mistress ezada. she is pretty satisfied with the session and the slave today. "but now i am going to finish you. with my snakewhip. it will bite into your skin. i will break you now."

  • Helpless And Whipped Hard

    here we have the next clip with hard punishment. starring adorable mistress ezada she is dressed in black leather. her slave is already prepared lying on a punishment bench, tied to it with leather straps.