Human Ashtrays

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Gas Mask Training

next clip with gorgeous and famous german pro dom lady pascal is here today. she is very famous for beeing in latex stuff including gas mask plays. so this is what this clip is about. her slave is tied to a rack. it has to be said, that this slave is a non smoker. the slave has a classic gas mask on his head with a long hose.

to make everything more worse he has also some nipple clamps on his nipples. pascal loves to play with his breath and smoke of her cigarette. so she puts her cigarette in front of the hose and also exhales her smoke directly into it. she also jokes about the slave saying he has to be her living ash vacuumer now. the slave says something but she is happy she cannot hear him through the mask. more games as she exhales more smoke into the hose ordering the slave to inhale the smoke. its easily visible that lady pascal loves to play these games a lot and as she is a real lady with extremely well manicured fingernails this clip looks simply phantastic.

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