Female Domination

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Clean My Feet

"Slave, come here and look at my dirty feet! It's your fault!", young Sarah calls for her slave in a very bad mood. As always, the arrogant and spoiled girl makes her private slave responsible for everything. This time, she thinks he has not brought her the high heels although she hasn't decided which pair she wants to wear.

That's why she had to walk with bare feet round about 10 meters, and of course that is a disaster for a rich girl. The soles of her feet are dirty now. But the slave will like them clean, that is for sure. Sarah sits down and with a bugged voice she orders him to start licking her feet. The slave has to lay down and with his tongue he has to lick every inch of the young lady's feet.

Of course, he can't do that to her satisfaction. Sometimes, his tongue is too wet, sometimes there is too much pressure, sometimes too less. So it seems to be an hour for the slave, because licking without a break in such uncomfortable position is hard work, even Sarah's feet are so beautiful.

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