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Milking Clinic - Part 5

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Doctor Leni returns to the clinic room, now wearing her white dress and high heeled pumps again. The patient is ordered to take place on the gynecology chair and Doctor Leni fixes his legs and arm to the chair using bandages.

After some check ups Miss Leni shows him the big scissors she will use to castrate him. He struggles and wants to escape but he his bound to the chair. No chance to escape. Doctor Leni is in total control!

"One last milking!", she says with a smile and slowly puts on a pair of latex gloves. She starts teasing his cock and strokes it gently with her firm fingers. His cock grows up very fast and Doctor Leni milks his cock into a metal bowl. She squeezes the very last drop out of his cock and presents him the bowl.

"Look, this is the very last cum in your poor life!"

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