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Cruel Prostate Milking

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Nobody, who meets Mistress Blackdiamoond, expects such a perverted sadist behind her young and beautiful face. There is a devil inside that young goddess.

For his defloration she has bound a strong slave to a gyn chair. The yiung Mistress wears a black rubber nurse dress to make the scene scarier for him. He doesn't know what to expect and that makes the situation much more exciting for Blackdiamoond.

She starts with putting brutal clamps on his balls before she uses two fingers first and very soon her full hand to penetrate him. His moaning makes Blackdiamoond smile, she enjoys the power and starts to massage his prostate. What a surprise for the slave. The mean lady sends flushes of lust through his body, followed by pain when she grabs his balls and squeezes the clamps even more.

"Wank your cuck, slave! I will make you cum, you can't resist!", the black lady makes her order, "And you will shoot your sperm in your hand and then you will eat it!", she says and laughts at him...

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