Female Domination

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Who Touched My Shoes

Very angry Mistress Ezada enters the room where two slaves are bound to a rack. She has a pair of her highest stiletto heels in her hand that she found in the slave's bathroom. One slave has stolen them and abused the heels for masturbating. Of course, both slaves deny doing that but Ezada has a suspicion. She thinks it was the first one because the other one has a chastity device.

And it is very easy to find out if she is right. Ezada is dressed in skin tight leather and a stunning pair of overknee boots. She orders the first slave down on his knees and makes him worshipping her boots. He has to kiss the leather and to lick the heels. It only takes a minute until his dick is fully erected.

Ezada rubs her leather boots on his dick and it is very clear now that he has a strong fetish for high heels. He can't deny it and so Ezada pulls the chain on his collar and leads him out of the room for further punishment.

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