Female Domination

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The Escapees' Interrogation - Part 1

Two prisoners have tried to break out but they were caught in the last moment by a guard. Now it's time to find out who had the idea and who made the plan.

This interrogation is done by the most cruel officer in the prison: Madame Charlotte! The prisoners are in a small cage, down in the cellar, where nobody will hear them screaming. Madame Charlotte enters the cellar and her outfit speaks books. her long, black leather gloves promise so much pain to the prisoners. She starts asking questions but it's clear that she would be very disappointed if they would answer right now.

There are so many canes and whips to use on that stupid males, there is so much pleasant anticipation. Already aroused, she walks up and down the room and then she starts to ask more severe with an electric drover. The slaves are chained to the cage, they can't escape and so you can see them jumping in pain. But that was just the beginning, it's time for the cane now...

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