Female Domination

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The Escapees' Interrogation - Part 2

The time for consideration Madame Charlotte has given to the escapees is over now and the Mistress returns to the cellar.

Both slaves are now kneeling under an old pipe and their arms are chained to it. Also their feet are bound together. The boys still accuse each other but Madame Charlotte smiles. "I have good arguments to make you reviewing!", she says and presents different bullwhips to the slaves. The smaller slave screams in fear and asks the other one to admit that he made the plan. But he says no and so Madame Charlotte starts whipping the first one. he tries to hide his ass but there is no chance.

When she changes to the other boy, Madame Charlotte orders him to present the soles of his feet to her bullwhip and she really starts beating them with the cruel device. She is merciless and this clip one of them will admit his guilt.

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