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  • Pure Arrogance

    here is the next clip with gorgeous goddess black diamoond. she is looking superstunning with sun glasses, a white blouse, leather gloves, leather trousers and special expensive designer ankle boots. she relaxes with her smartphone in a comfortable seat in the garden as she orders her slave to crawl over to her.

  • Hang Em - Cane Em!

    "now i punish you just for fun" is how this clip starts with beautiful and natural cruel bitch miss sarah. she has already prepared her slave in an unusual and painful position with his hanging in the air, his head to the ground.

  • The Caning Massage 1

    today we start with another special double feature starring beautiful german pro dom lady pascal. she is dressed in leather and an old client appears dressed in a dressing gown.

  • Ezada's Ashtray Training

    As Ezada lights up her long white cigarette, the leather clad lady looks down at her slave. "Well, you brought me cigarettes but no ashtray.", she says and the slave answers that she can use him as an human ashtray. Ezada smiles and she is immediately aroused by this offer.

  • Double Frustration Cropping

    the house slaves of the mansion are relaxing on the couches of the smoking room in the mansion. they talk about their ladies in a matter where they should be VERY safe, that no one hears it.

  • Gallery: Whipping The Working Slaves

    Being a working slave in the rich ladies mansion is no easy life. These slaves are permanent humiliated, whipped and caned, no matter how hard they work. Especially if the owners are Lady Dana and Countess Constance, two women known as arrogant and merciless.

  • Caned Hard On The Rack

    "i will show you that i can destroy a butt with my cane slave" famous mistress ezada says in the beginning of this clip. "i heard that you talked to another slave and say that i am a merciful lady. i will show you that i am not" and from the beginning she starts to bring the vicious rattan cane down on the ass of the slave with all power of her right arm with very very hard strokes.

  • Gallery: Rich Girl's Bootslave

    What a nice day today, best weather to enjoy the sun. The young lady Chanel is used to spend the day with important things like make-up, styling, her finger nails and relaxing while the slaves are working hard around the mansion.

  • We Break You

    It's deep at night, round about 2 am, as the door of the cellar is opened and 2 of the cruel guards enter the small, dark room, where the prisoner tries to get some sleep after a day full of whipping and hard work. Unfortunately the guards are Faye and Cloe, known for being mean and sadistic.

  • Do You Smoke?

    That's the way the young but cruel Miss Tess wants her slave. Laying on the flor, the hands chained up over their heads so she can sit down on them and be sure that they are not able to touch her. And who would not like to touch her in her skin tight leggings and the black leather top that shows off her big breasts? Breathtaking view.

  • How To Behave

    "do you know if this is the right way to residenz avalon?" beautiful mistress akella asks a slave that is quite busy outdoor cleaning the ground. "i dont know miss. i work now." the pathetic slave answers. not a good idea to behave in this way, not kneeling, not answering properly to a mistress like akella.

  • Caned For Misbehavior

    Mistress Akella, the head Mistress of the slave school, is waiting in a small room, dressed completely in skin tight leather, a thick cane in her hand. One of the students enters the room because he was told to come here. There are female students who complained that this horny boy touched them.

  • Gallery: Hot Summer Face Sitting

    As the title already says, it's a hot summer day. Empress Victoria is dressed in skin tight snake skin leggings and stiletto high heels. And what a lucky slave who may offer his face as a seat for the goddess with the endless legs.

  • Brutal Punishment

    Guardess Nemesis is just in the mood today to thrash the living daylights out today in this superhot new punishment femdom clip! as in the other clips of this shooting she looks absolutely superstunning in gorgeous outfits and styled by a professional hair/makeup-artist. in this clip she uses everything she can get in her sadistic fingers to beat her prisoners black and blue.

  • Whipped Without Mercy

    lady pascal rolls hin her slave in a cage as this new clip starts. he have been in there for a few hours. maybe he is happy now that his mistress releases him of the cage, but he dont know his new goddess lady pascal yet.

  • Gallery: Lady Dana

    picture set of the stunning Lady Dana, dressed in skin tight leggings and a red corset that shows off her breath taking shape.

  • Gallery: Nemesis the Officer

    enjoy this bonus picture set of stunning black haired mistress nemesis! she looks absolutely adorable in her wetlook bodysuit, her tight underbust corset, the police officer hat and those black spiked kneehigh boots. With the red whip in her hand, you should better do what she wants! Please note: this week we are going to add 3 updates at least. Stay tuned!

  • Spoiled Girls Ashtray

    its a wonderful sunny day today and gorgeous young and rich mistress lady chanel wants to relax a lil bit outside in the stables. but even when its time for relax this arrogant beauty wants to deal with one of her slaves. she sits down, ignoring mostly the slave who is ordered to crawl as close as possible to his goddess, open his pathetic slave mouth to get the ash of the cigarette from the lady.

  • Bootlicking In The Dungeon

    here is the next clip with gorgeous pro dom mistress akella. we are in the dungeon today where slave are locked away all the times.

  • Whipped And Cropped In The Dungeon

    today we have another phantastic clip starring phantastic goddess empress victoria. before she went out for some riding she promised that her 2 slaves will recieve a good punishment when she comes back and empress victoria keeps her promises always.