German Language

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  • Bootworship In The Hall

    countess stella comes down the chairs as this clip starts. dressed in a black shiny outfit with leather gloves her house slave awaits her already on all fours. "i want to go out.

  • Red Cane, Red Cock

    when it comes to absolut natural sadism there are not many ladies in this world compared to mistress ezada. need a proof? then watch this clip!

  • Domination With High Heels

    next clip today we have with empress victoria! this rich and arrogant bitch was shopping and all the time her slave has to wait for her tied in front of the door.

  • Outdoor Education

    a wonderful summer day, a pathetic slave around - it seems to be a perfect day for adorable mistress lady chanel.

  • Caned For Being Late

    mistress nemesis and BRANDNEW MISTRESS lady sofia, dressed in superhot expensive tight black catsuit uniforms waiting for their old slaves in the hall of their mansion.

  • Ruthless Ashtray Training

    we have gorgoeus mistresses lady faye and mistress cloe in this clip looking superstunning with tight leggings and black blouses.

  • Breaking Down A Slave

    here is a superhot new clip with gorgeous lady mistress ezada. she is pretty satisfied with the session and the slave today. "but now i am going to finish you. with my snakewhip. it will bite into your skin. i will break you now."

  • Whipping And Tickling

    next clip with german pro dom lady stella. she may be beautiful, but she is also very cruel with her slaves... in this clip she has a good game in mind, cuz she wants to apply a mixture of emotions to the skin of the slave. a mixture of pain and pleasure, but sometimes even pleasure can be very painful and it will be in this clip!

  • Cruel Slaps From The Ridingmistress

    next wonderful clip with gorgeous mistress cloe. dressed in a superhot elegant riding outfit she is still very unhappy with the slave and his work. as he didnt clean her boots well earlier he needs obviously some more motiviation for the future, so the mistress slaps his face with her bare hands.

  • Facesitting And Nipple Torture

    here we have the next clip with gorgeous goddess empress victoria. the slave lies on a bench, tied up with straps over his full body, so he cant move an inch. on his nipples some painful nipple clamps are attached. ideal toys for a sadistic mistress like empress victoria is.

  • The Red Rubber Cane

    next clip with wonderful beautiful mistress lady chanel. "look slave, what i have here" she says "a nice looking red rubber cane. well, we should test this nice toy here today".

  • Cigarette Torture

    here we have the next clip with german bitch lady chanel. "i think i will leave some things to remember today" she says to the slave who enlighted a cigarette for her...

  • You Are My Ashtray

    new clip with adorable german pro dom black diamoond. she relaxes on a black throne and orders her slave to offer her a cigarette.

  • A Merciless Whipping By Miss Wood

    here we have the next clip with very popular goddess miss jessica from united kingdom. it starts with her announcing that she will dish out today a very harsh whipping with her favourite of her - a devilish looking single tail leather whip with a thin end that stings like hell for sure.

  • A Merciless Whipping

    time for a next clip with beautiful german mistress lady chanel. she is dressed in tight shiny brown leggings, a black skirt, leather gloves and high heels. holding a vicious cat o nine tails in her cruel hands she awaits her new slave for a further test.

  • Hard Torture With Boots

    today we have the next clip with german bitch lady chanel. she sits on a chair, his slave down on the ground and he is encaged by the chair so he cannot move a lot.

  • Slapping The Idiot

    here we have another phantastic clip starring german pro dom black diamoond. 2 slaves are involved in this clip.

  • POV Boot Domination

    Down on your knees, slave, you know where your place is! Empress Victoria is talking to you and I am sure this clip will make you cum. Because Victoria looks so stunning! Her endless legs, covered by expensive, thigh high leather boots, are soooo stunning!

  • How Lordly Ladies Relax

    What do you think how our spoiled ladies relax during a shooting break? This clip will answer your question and you will see, your wildest dreams come true.

  • Sadistic Boots

    All of Mistress Ella's slaves know: If the Mistress is dressed like this in skin tight black leather, she is in the mood for a hard punishment. But if she also wears these shiny and dominant boots, one of the slaves will be in real trouble. Everytime the mean lady wears this boots, she is in the mood to make a slave suffer.