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  • Mephista's Ashtray

    It's the fate of a slave that he is abused by his owner whenever and however she wants. Especially if he is the property of Lady Mephista, who is known as the devil with the friendly voice. In this case, a working slave will serve the arrogant woman as a human ashtray.

  • Perverted Daughter

    Everytime her mother is away on a business trip, Victoria plays perverted games with her father because there is a little secret she only knows: He is a boot and high heel fetishist and in the end, he is a submissive male.

  • Gallery: An Afternoon With Victoria

    If Empress Victoria wants to have fun on a sunday afternoon it means one slave has to suffer. See the Mistress in two different outfouts whipping and caning her slave.

  • Rich Girl's Bootslave

    What a nice day today, best weather to enjoy the sun. The young lady Chanel is used to spend the day with important things like make-up, styling, her finger nails and relaxing while the slaves are working hard around the mansion.

  • Gallery: Straight To Your Mouth

    The young and arrogant Mistress has taken a seat on her old private slave and she informs him that he is allowed to be her human ashtray now. And there is no doubt: She means what she says, It's an honour for a male creature to be abused by her.

  • Gallery: Stella's House Slave

    Being the house slave of a luxury lady is no easy life, especially if the owner is Countess Stella. The arrogant Mistress expects perfect work and every little mistake will pe punished immediately.

  • Pay For Pain, Uncle!

    Do you remember Chanel's uncle who has such a big high heels fetish? Do you remember that Chanel made him pay for the chance to lick her boots? Well, the situation became more and more bizarre.

  • Gallery: The Defiled Boots

    The photo set to the very successful clips of the defiled boots. See Lady Mephista interrogating one of her slaves because she found her boots messy. Will he confess? Of course, he will.

  • Whipping The Working Slaves

    Being a working slave in the rich ladies mansion is no easy life. These slaves are permanent humiliated, whipped and caned, no matter how hard they work. Especially if the owners are Lady Dana and Countess Constance, two women known as arrogant and merciless.

  • Cruel Lady Dana

    This clip introduces our new Mistress, Lady Dana. Born in a rich family she explored her dominant side in her early youth. She is known as the Mistress who often smiles while she makes her slave suffer. So don't let her laughing fool you, she is a dangerous woman.

  • In Double Trouble

    Two ladies on stiletto heels come closer to a naked and masked slave who lays on the ground of a big all. They wear black leggings and very tight corsets. They look so dominant and so stunning. "Look, what we have here"; Mistress Jessica says and puts her heel on the slave. Mistress Whiplash does not hesitate and sits down on the slave's face.

  • Old Ashtray Slave

    To dominate and humiliate old adorer is one of the things Chanel loves the most. Dressed in skin tight leather leggings, stiletto heeled boots and a very tight top, the young goddess rests on the couch and calls her worshipper who she calls slave.

  • The Defiled Boots - Part 3

    Lady Mephista has returned to the cellar and she is wearing the defiled boots now. She looks at the slave who has such a big boot fetish that he licked them and finally he cum on them. There is still his cum all over the boots.

  • The Mad Secretaries - Part 3

    Do you remember the mad secretaries who keep the new gardener imprisoned in the basement of the company. This clip is the last part of the story and the secretaries start to show their full cruelty now.

  • Gallery: Long Legs, Long Cane

    Empress Victoria, who presents her endless legs in skin tight, high fashion leggings with her slave and her favourite, long cane!