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Pay For Pain, Uncle!

Do you remember Chanel's uncle who has such a big high heels fetish? Do you remember that Chanel made him pay for the chance to lick her boots? Well, the situation became more and more bizarre.

This time, the old man lays on the ground, he is chained to the wall, as Chanel enters the room, dressed in skin tight jodhpurs and breath taking designer sandals with sharp high heels. With an arrogant voice she tells him that he has to pay first, before she starts to trample his body with her sharp heels. The old man has to put money at her sandals before the young lady steps on him.

Chanel really has fun to make him suffer under her heels. She jumps on his body and again and again she digs her sharp heels into his nipples until he moans and screams in pain. The only breaks she allows him are the breaks when he has to put more money in her sandals.

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