Human Ashtrays

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Cruel Lady Dana

This clip introduces our new Mistress, Lady Dana. Born in a rich family she explored her dominant side in her early youth. She is known as the Mistress who often smiles while she makes her slave suffer. So don't let her laughing fool you, she is a dangerous woman.

As you will see in this clip, Lady Dana is a bombshell. She loves to show off her perfect body and you can imagine that slaves fall down on their knees when she arrives. Like the slave in this movie, who crawls into the room as he is called by his Mistress. Dana throws her cigarette at the floor and commands him to offer her a cigarette.

The slave has to server her as a human ashtray and he is very nervous. Why? As you will see, Dana wears her signet ring over her long leather gloves, that is feared by all slaves because she does not hesitate to beat the slave's face with this ring. There are also great close-ups from the smoking.

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