Human Ashtrays

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How Lordly Ladies Relax

What do you think how our spoiled ladies relax during a shooting break? This clip will answer your question and you will see, your wildest dreams come true.

Lady Dana and Countess Constance sit on big leather chairs and they call for their slaves. Yes, slaves. There are three! One of them is somehow the butler who is ordered to bring champagne. The other two slaves are allowed to put off the ladies high heels. They have to lay down then and give their feet a massage. While they do that, the dominant women light up cigarettes.

The butler has now to change into his role as an human ashtray. He is ordered to kneel down between the ladies and everytime one of the Mistresses wants to drop the ash she can do that directly into his mouth. Of course, both ladies take that for granted. They don't care about him, they talk and the laught a lot.

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