Whipping & Caning

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Whipping The Working Slaves

Being a working slave in the rich ladies mansion is no easy life. These slaves are permanent humiliated, whipped and caned, no matter how hard they work. Especially if the owners are Lady Dana and Countess Constance, two women known as arrogant and merciless.

These two slaves are ordered to polish the flagging gaps on the floor with their toothbrushes. What a humiliating order...? Both slaves are working hard as the arrogant ladies walk down the stairs. Dressed like rich and dominant bitches. They wear skin tight leggings and corsets and they walk on the highest heels. They step between their slaves with such an arrogance and they ask: "Are you still not finnished?"

But they do not expect an answer because both women already have whips in their hands. Constance steps on one slaves head and pushes it down to the floor, Dana starts whipping him and that's the beginning of a long whipping of both slaves. What a fun for the ladies. They laugh a lot while they whip the working slaves who, of course, have to continue with their work while they are whipped by the arrogant women.

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