Human Ashtrays

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Spoiled Girls Ashtray

its a wonderful sunny day today and gorgeous young and rich mistress lady chanel wants to relax a lil bit outside in the stables. but even when its time for relax this arrogant beauty wants to deal with one of her slaves. she sits down, ignoring mostly the slave who is ordered to crawl as close as possible to his goddess, open his pathetic slave mouth to get the ash of the cigarette from the lady.

she enjoys herself a lot, the sun and the might she has over low life creatures like this. men are always only good to serve and to be humiliate or to be punished, just to amus rich girls like chanel. of course she puts out the cigarette in the end. on his tongue where it belongs to. and she loves it when her slave moans out loud in pure pain when the tip burns in his tongue.

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