Boots & High Heels

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Bootlicker's Duty

"Ah, there he is!", Mistress Jessica says with a cruel smile as Mistress Nikki leads the bootlicker slave into the hall. Both ladies are dressed in skin tight and shiny leggings and stunning corsets. This slave should be very happy to be allowed to serve these beautiful ladies.

But, as you may already suppose, he will have a hard time under the control of Nikki and Jessica. The duty sounds simple: Cleaning Mistress Jessica's boots. But everybody knows that Jessica expects a lot from her slaves and especially spotless and shiny boots. And this time, Mistress Nikki is watching him too and you can imagine that the smallest mistake could end up in a harsh punishment.

The bootlicker tries his best but of course, Nikki is not satisfied. He should do a much better job and he should show much more passion when licking her friend's boots. And that he confirms her orders with a simple "OK" is the last straw. Nikki stands up and grabs his head, pushes it forward and really rubs Jessica's soles with his tongue. This slave will learn how to do his duty the right way...

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