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  • Gallery: Lizas Human Ashtray

    Little additional bonus set for you: Lizas human ashtray... Domina Liza, dressed in black leather from head to toe is playing with her cigarette and her poor victim - her human ashtray...

  • Cruel Leather Training

    Mistress Ella Kros doesn't need to beat the slave to make him suffer in pain. There are much more mean ways. Especially if she presents herself in such a stunning leather outfit in front of this leather fetishist. To see her dressed like this already makes him suffer because he know he may not touch her.

  • Gallery: The Cruel Lesbians

    For dominant lesbian ladies, a male is nothing but a nice toy they can do with whatever they want. Large picture set of Cloe and Fay having fun with such a male victim.

  • The Cruel Wardens

    These two wardens are really cruel bitches. As Faye and Cloe enter the cellar, deep down in an old bunker, they are dressed in skin tight trousers, too wide opened blouses and high heels. They know exactly about the effect of their style.

  • Punished For Wanking

    As Mistress Whiplash and Miss Jessica return from a ride, they find one of the stable slave wanking in front of their riding boots. This is so disgusting and of course needs immediately punishment. They still wear their stiletto heeled boots and so they decide to give him a lesson he will never forget.

  • Extreme Cigarette Torture

    Ezada stands close to a naked slave who is fixed into a wooden rack. She smiles at him while she lights up a cigaretta and looks down at the slave. So many marks from earlier punishments. Especially his cock looks more than damaged from a previous caning.

  • Slapped Hard By The Bikerlady

    today we have the 2nd part of our "bikerlady"-series starring beautiful german lady mistress cloe dressed in a biker outfit. after the slave has failed in worship her in an acceptable way in the first part its time now for getting more serious.

  • Cruel Torture On The Rack

    today we have another masterpiece here starring mistress cloe. dressed in expensive hot outfit of leather she announces that she is pretty satisfied with her slave today, so he gets a reward.

  • Cruel Party Girl

    coming home after a party lady chanel walks down into her dungeon where her slave is still encaged in a metal cage. "well, there you are, but i have no plans to release you yet slave" she says.

  • Cocktortured On The Cross

    today we have a new hot clip with gorgeous mistress empress victoria. she is in the dungeon with one of her personal slaves that is already bound to a cross.

  • Red Cane, Red Cock

    when it comes to absolut natural sadism there are not many ladies in this world compared to mistress ezada. need a proof? then watch this clip!

  • Torture With Cigarette

    the next clip we offer you today starring adorable blonde lady mistress akella. she is dressed in leather in the dungeon today sitting on her throne.

  • Hard Hanging Treatment

    today we have another phantastic clip of our "red-series" starring gorgeous pro dom mistress akella. this clip is very special and unique, cuz the godess has different ideas today to treat her slave in a way she likes.

  • Your Prick Is Mine

    next wonderful clip here is a must buy for our fans of ballbusting and cbt. mistress athena is at its finest when it comes to these themes.

  • Tortured With Spiked Heels

    time for torture today! here we have adorable goddess empress victoria sitting on a throne. the masked slave is ordered to take off his shirt and come closer to the goddess, where she starts to torture his nipples by some harsh pulling.

  • Merciless Cock Whipping

    Mistress Ezada, dressed in breath taking black leather, walks around the slave and she lets the cat'o'nine whip sliding through her hand. The slave looks scared as the whip. It seems he knows what's coming.

  • Pleased To See You Suffer

    There is no other Mistress who shows a slave how much she is aroused bis his suffering. And because it's so arousing, Ezade loves to make slaves suffer, especially this tall and strong slave.

  • Dancer's Revenge

    What do you think will happen to an obtrusive male who touched a pol dancer without permission? Well, if we talk about Empress Victoria the answer is easy: He will suffer and his cock will be destroyed by the high heels he desires so much.

  • Gallery: Ballbusting Queen

    It's time to trash some balls and Mistress Athena is the Queen of Ballbusting. She is dressed in skin tight leather trousers, a white blouse and stiletto heels that are made to damage.

  • Spiderweb Whipping

    A strong slave is handcuffed in a web of ropes that looks like a spider web and like a black widow, Ella Kros walks in front of him. dressed in skin tight black and boots that say she will hurt him. Already aroused by his helplessness she watches him, thinking about how she will start the whipping.