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  • Ruthless Ballbusting

    As Mistress Akella arrive's in the hall, her slave's cock is immediately growing. Akella looks stunning in her black jodhpurs, short black jacket and these breath taking knee high boots. They are so shiny but so dangerous. The spiked heels promise pain.

  • Ashtray For Her Pleasure

    There is not a lot to say about this clip. It's a clip about a woman who has so much pleasure in hurting males and make them suffer.

  • 10 Minutes Of Pain

    This clip is for all the lovers of classic female domination with Lady Pascal in the mood for making a slave suffer. Let's start with her outfit that speaks books. Her polished, thigh high boots and her shiny body will make you breathless and the black color matches her hair and her dark soul.

  • Useless Cock Punishment

    This clip introduces Miss Jessica Wood, a well know dominatrix from UK and a very well known expert in punishing males. This clip is perfect for Jessica, wo is the owner of an escort agency where rich business women can book male models for the evening and the night.

  • Because I Can

    Empress Victoria loves and is used to be in charge. Nothing is more arousing for her than seeing her slave excited and in fear just looking at the same time.

  • Gallery: Female Emperor

    When Lady Chanel appears on the scene in that clip, every submissive must fall down to his knees. The young goddess stands high above on the stairs, dressed in skin tight black and an amazing and stunning pair of glossy black boots.

  • Cock Cage Whipping

    "Are you ready for my whip?", Lady Pascal asks her slave but of course his answer doesn't matter. This whipping is going to be special fun for the mean lady who has dressed herself in an amazing black leather outfit.

  • Cock Ashtray

    Everytime Domina Liza wears this pair of skin tight, black leather trousers and her lace-up boots, her slave can't help: He gets an immediate erection.

  • No Mercy

    A slave must not touch his dick and especially he must not masturbate without the explicit permission of his Mistress. Even the Mistress looks so hot in her bitchy dress and these amazing boots.

  • Destroyed

    If one of Domina Liza's sex slaves does not perform as expected, his judgement is already delivered. It doesn't matter how many years he served as a good slave.

  • Ashtray Slave Torture

    Story Picture

    Domina Liza is a sadistic woman. It's not enough that she abuses a slave as a living ashtray she wants to see him suffer. But let's start with the begin.

  • The Lost Slave - We Own Your Balls

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    The slave wants to earn his collar back but has to go to a hard examination now. Madame Charlotte and Lady Pascal wants to remember him who owns his balls.

  • Painful Milking

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    From time to time Lady Pascal milks her slaves to keep them attending and servile. It's most important that the slave must not enjoy his ejaculation to Lady Pascal milks them very painful.

  • Fun With Three Slaves - Part 3-4

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    Time for a cigeratte break. Mistress Akella sits down very lascivious and orders the three slave to stand and face her in one row. With an arrogant snap of her finger she orders one of them to give her a cigarette and to light up.

  • Cock Whipping

    Story Picture

    As Mistress Akella enters the dungeon for a nice session with her slave, she finds the boy attached to a cross but with a stone hard cock. Of course, it is ABSOLUTELY forbidden to have an erection without the permission of Mistress Akella.

  • The Bitchy Girl's Ashtray

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    Miss Leni has prepared herself for a hot night out but before she leaves she she is in the mood to play a little bit with her private slave who is in love with her.

  • The Fashion Model's Bootslave - Part 1-2

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    Miss Leni was booked for another photo shooting but before the arrogant model leaves her rooms she wants her boots to be clean and shiny. She has her slave under the chair and digs her stiletto heels into his nipples.

  • Smoky Afternoon - Part 8

    Story Picture

    Finally freed from the desk Bootlicker can't enjoy his freedom because Madame is fastening him on the heater with his hands. Above his cock she put a board with a hole trough that she is pulling his cock.

  • CBT And Nipple Torture - Part 3

    Story Picture

    Completely in english! In the last part Lady Pascal continues to torture her victim with the spinning needle wheel. Everytime the wheel hits his nipples he tries to jump in pain. A very funny game for the Mistress.

  • CBT And Nipple Torture - Part 2

    Story Picture

    Completely in english! Part 2 continues with tha ball torture. Again and again Lady Pascal puts a new weight to the bar and let it drop down. It hurts more and more because with every new weight his balls are stretched harder.