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  • I Color Your Cocks

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    Two slaves are chained to a cross as Lady Lilith enters the room. They both know that the next minutes will bring much pain because the cruel Mistress is in a bad mood today. Also, she hates cocks!

  • CBT And Nipple Torture - Part 1

    Story Picture

    Completely in english! This is the next movie in our classic dominatrix movie, filmed in a real dungeon with a leather clothed Mistress, Lady Pascal. This video contains scenes with some very special and unique torture devices!

  • Hang, Lick, Cum! - Part 6-7

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    Merciless CBT! Lady Pascal has put a small chair in front of her victim and she has put a mat with sharp spikes on it. The slave is ordered to lay his cock and balls on it and Lady Pascal now steps on it and presses his balls hard into the spikes with her boot.