Female Domination

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Punished For Wanking

As Mistress Whiplash and Miss Jessica return from a ride, they find one of the stable slave wanking in front of their riding boots. This is so disgusting and of course needs immediately punishment. They still wear their stiletto heeled boots and so they decide to give him a lesson he will never forget.

The slave is now laying on the ground, his cock and balls are presented to the sadistic women on a small table. Their heavy plateau boots and the thin high heels look so dangerous. And indeed, both Mistresses make use of them now without any mercy. The dig theit sharp heels into his cock and balls. He screams a lot but there is no chance to hide his cock.

The screaming gets louder as Nikki starts squeezing his balls under her boots and Jessica really stomps his balls. They now takes turns. While one lady explains him what a disgusting slave he is the other one makes sure there is enough pain to remember the lesson.

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