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  • Milked Under Boots

    2 Dominas in Stiefeln mit ihrem Sklaven

    This stupid slave was caught by Mistress Whiplash and Mistress Jesicca watching the riding ladies and wanking his dick. Needless to say that this is a big mistake that has to be punished. This slave has to learn that his dick is owned by his Mistresses Nikki and Jessica.

  • Lick My Expensive Boots

    here we have a brandnw clip starring gorgeous british pro dom nikki whiplash. she looks stunning in a casual outfit with a black skirt, tight jeans and on her feet she wears superexpensive designer boots.

  • Two Cruel Bitches

    here we have the next clip with cruel british ladies mistress whiplash and miss jessica. the clip already starts with pain from the beginning, cuz the balls of the slave are already encaged in a special ball prison, his arms are behind and also he gets some nipple clamps on his nipples at once from mistress whiplash.

  • A Coldhearted Assfuck

    here we have another brandnew slave starring cruel british pro dom mistress whiplash. dressed in leather all over she has a nice dildo attached her hips and she will going to fuck the living daylights today of the slave.

  • We Are Disappointed

    "i am really disappointed about the condition of my boots. they look disgusting. bootslave! come on!" this is how this new clip with mistress whiplash and miss jessica started. after they call him, he his bound to the door with a leash, his arms also bound behind his back.

  • His First Ball Busting - Part 2

    This clip is the other part of the ball busting story with Nikki Whiplash and the slave whos balls are kicked and abused for the first time. And the action gets harder and harder.

  • Bootlicker's Duty

    "Ah, there he is!", Mistress Jessica says with a cruel smile as Mistress Nikki leads the bootlicker slave into the hall. Both ladies are dressed in skin tight and shiny leggings and stunning corsets. This slave should be very happy to be allowed to serve these beautiful ladies.

  • Ashtray Stable Slave

    There is no visit at the riding club without humiliating or absuing one of the stable slaves. That seems to be the motto of the strict riding ladies Mistress Jessica and Mistress Nikki, who are feared by all the slaves.

  • Gallery: Nikki's Bootslave

    A lady like Mistress Nikki Whiplash, who wears expensive designer boots only, needs a slave who takes care of her boots. Her boots are the reason he is living for...

  • Hourly Punishment

    "well slave, its the hour for punishment, time came around so quickly, doesnt it?" beautiful british pro dom mistress whiplash says. she is equipped already with a sandhour and a rattan cane.

  • Punished For Wanking

    As Mistress Whiplash and Miss Jessica return from a ride, they find one of the stable slave wanking in front of their riding boots. This is so disgusting and of course needs immediately punishment. They still wear their stiletto heeled boots and so they decide to give him a lesson he will never forget.

  • Don't Complain, Stupid!

    Two bossy ladies return from a ride and take a seat at the bar. Between their boots there is their is a slave on the ground. "Look, what we have here!", Jessica says and orders the slave to start licking the dust from their boots. And guess what he says: "Yes, I will do it again!"

  • Gallery: Hard Double Caning

    Mistress Jessica and Mistress Nikki Whiplash have decided to give one of the stable boys a hard caning after they return from the ride. Well, the time has come...

  • Extreme Cruel Double Whipping

    its not a good idea for any slave in this world to perform bad and do a lousy job. and is especially pretty dumb when beeing under 2 cruel ladies.

  • Brits Belt Best

    today we have another phantastic clip starring british pro dom and very popular lady mistress whiplash. she comes home after a wonderful night in club ordering her slave to come over.

  • Brutal Belting By 2 Sadists

    time for a double dose thrashing today! we have british pro doms mistress whiplash and miss jessica today dishing out a punishment to remember. they bring their victim into the hall, both dressed in white blouses, corsets, riding trousers and leather boots.

  • I Will Spank You Black And Blue

    today we have a new clip with british pro dom mistress whiplash. as the clip starts her slave kneeling in front of her. mistress whiplash notices some marks on his breast and asks him from where they are...

  • Sweet Nipples To Be Hurt 2

    Do you remember the slave whos nipples were be hurt so merciless by the beautiful Misstress Whiplash? He was left alone and Nikki told him that she will return for more torture. And now it's time for the second run.

  • The Stress Test

    If Jessica Wood and Nikki Whiplash decide to have some fun with a slave, this boy is really in trouble. Like this slave who is made to serve both ladies at the same time.

  • His First Ball Busting - Part 1

    This boy is rather adventurous or totally crazy. He asked Mistress Whiplash for his first time ballbusting and of course, the mean lady agreed. She promised not to wear fetish clothes but how she presents herself makes his dick hard from the first second.