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  • Slaveboy To Rent - Part 1-2

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    In the near future there will be more and more male slaves who must offer their bodies for less money. They live in small appartements where they receive rich and sadistic ladies who can do whatever they want to them. The boys need the money and the ladies have more than enough.

  • Riding Lesson (with Lady Missy)

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    Special Extra Update to introduce Lady Missy to our members!

    Lady Missy is in the mood for a small riding lesson and so she calls for her slave. She puts a heavy rubber snaffle around the slaves head and puts on her black leather gloves. She grabs for a thin riding crop and mounts her human horse.

  • What's Your PIN? - Part 1-3

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    Welcome to Lady Missy and Lady Capone, two of our new Mistresses this year!

    Two young ladies have met a manager at a party and persuaded him to follow them. They find his credit cards and now the want to go shop with his cards. Because the mother of one young lady owns a professional dungeon the young chicks bring him into the torture room and try to find out the PINs of the cards.