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  • Under The Bride's Heels

    "Slave, come here and lay down!", the young bride Chanel orders her old husband. "Will you call me slave all the time now?", he asks a little bit confused. "Of course, I will, because you are!", Chanel answers with a mean smile.

  • Pay For Pain, Uncle!

    Do you remember Chanel's uncle who has such a big high heels fetish? Do you remember that Chanel made him pay for the chance to lick her boots? Well, the situation became more and more bizarre.

  • Ashtray For The Bride

    This night really changes the life of this old brave man but not the way he thought. His young bride turns out as an dominant, mean and arrogant Mistress. Chanel leaves no doubt who is in control from the moment as he signed the marriage contract.

  • Living Shoe Cleaner

    There is a femdom club where one slave has to spend his life bound to a wooden rack as a living shoe cleaner. Everytime a lady wants she can make use of him and make him cleaning their shoes.