Human Ashtrays

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Ashtray For The Bride

This night really changes the life of this old brave man but not the way he thought. His young bride turns out as an dominant, mean and arrogant Mistress. Chanel leaves no doubt who is in control from the moment as he signed the marriage contract.

"Slave, I want to smoke!", she says with an arrogant voice. Can you imagine, that she calls his husband a slave? But she says that with such a matter of course that he can't resists, he obeys. He has to kneel down at her beautiful legs, light up the cigarette and watch his young bride smoking.

But that's not all. She will use him as her human ashtray. Everytime she wants he has to open his mouth and the mean lady drops the hot ash on his tongue with such a devilish smile. Looks like she has planned every detail of her new, luxury femdom life.

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