Boots & High Heels

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Dominating The Teacher - Part 3-5

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As the teacher returns from his humiliating shopping trip, her student, Miss Leni, allows him to put her on the new black gloves. After a while the humiliation of the teacher really starts. Miss Leni sits on the director's desk and the teacher is ordered to lick her boots. With a deep devotion he starts to lick her student's boot while Miss Leni hold him tight on his collar. Then he must lay down on the floor and the spoiled girl starts to trample his belly with her sharp high heels.

Dominating The Teacher - Part 1-2

Story Picture

Miss Leni is a very spoiled and dominant, young lady. The director of the university, Madame Catarina, already showed her how to dominate men and both ladies made one teacher her personal slaves. Miss Leni meets this teacher on the floor of the university and commands him to kneel and lick her boots. She then make an appointment with him for the afternoon in the director's office. The teacher doesn't know that the director is not in the house.