Boots & High Heels

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Miss Leni And Her New Secretary - Part 7

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More Tease And Denial in the last part of this movie. Miss Leni teases her new secretary with her fine leather boots. Even when he is ready to come she beats him with her riding crop. Then the cruel game restarts.

Miss Leni And Her New Secretary - Part 5-6

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The candidate was ordered into Miss Leni's dark room where he waits for her now. Miss Leni enters the room, now wearing extreme dominant, black leather overknee boots. She wants the candidate to attach a leather belt to his balls for a better control. Then she sits down on her high tron, looking down at the candidate who must kneel on the floor now. She commands him to show his submissiveness: He must lick and whorship her high leather boots.

Miss Leni And Her New Secretary - Part 3-4

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While Miss Leni explains the candidate what she expects from her private secretary she keeps trampling on his body with her feet. She squeezes his nipples and commands him to lick her heels.

Next he must present her his first gift. Every candidate has to buy the spoiled lady a pair of brand new shoes! He bought her some new black patent pumps with dangerous metal spiked heels. The young Mistress seems to be satisfied with it.

Miss Leni And Her New Secretary - Part 1-2

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The young and spoiled Miss Leni is looking for a new secretary. She did put a special advertisement in a magazine and is now waiting for the first applicant. The candidate must already wear leather cuffs on his hand. He knows that the young Mistress only accepts a candidate who will do EVERYTHING she wants.

Soon enough the applicant realises that he better takes it seriously and that the rich chick is looking for much more than a simple secretary...

Dominating The Teacher - Part 6-8

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Covered between her soft legs the teacher now learns a new game from his young student. Miss Leni lays her hands over his mouth and makes him unable to breath. The Teacher moans and tries to escape but there is no chance. From time to time the young Mistress allows him to breath but at the next moment she covers his mouth and nose again with her black gloved hands.

Dominating The Teacher - Part 3-5

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As the teacher returns from his humiliating shopping trip, her student, Miss Leni, allows him to put her on the new black gloves. After a while the humiliation of the teacher really starts. Miss Leni sits on the director's desk and the teacher is ordered to lick her boots. With a deep devotion he starts to lick her student's boot while Miss Leni hold him tight on his collar. Then he must lay down on the floor and the spoiled girl starts to trample his belly with her sharp high heels.

Dominating The Teacher - Part 1-2

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Miss Leni is a very spoiled and dominant, young lady. The director of the university, Madame Catarina, already showed her how to dominate men and both ladies made one teacher her personal slaves. Miss Leni meets this teacher on the floor of the university and commands him to kneel and lick her boots. She then make an appointment with him for the afternoon in the director's office. The teacher doesn't know that the director is not in the house.