Female Domination

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Introducing To Femdom - Part 5-6

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Madame Catarina continues to show Lea her perverted lifestyle. The slave is fettered to a gynaecological chair with tight leather belts. Then Madame Catarina takes two cards from a card game and tells Lea that she will attach them to the slaves breast. Lea can't believe but Madame Catarina takes some needles and pricks them through the slaves nipples.

Introducing To Femdom - Part 3-4

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One week later Lea visits Madame Catarina again. This time the Mistress receives her in a breathtaking and expensive black leather outfit. They enter the dungeon room and as they talk a little bit there is a noise. Lea can't believe as Madame Catarina orders a real life slave out of his cage. The slave is chained to the cross and Lea needs some time to realize the situation: Madame Catarina owns living torture toys, called slaves! She demonstrates her power over him sqeezing his nipples with her long, sharp, red nails and scratching her thin metal spiked heel over his leg.

Introducing To Femdom - Part 1-2

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Madame Catarina is beeing visited by an old friend, Lea. They both are very rich ladies, Madame Catarina is a black widow, Lea has an old but very rich husband. They are spoiled and bigheaded, they have nothing to do except to spend their money for clothes, jewelry, high heels and so on... But there is one big difference: Madame Catarina owns slaves!

The Boot Slave Husband - Part 1-3

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Lady de Maar returns from the office. "He darling", she greets her husband who awaits her in the floor. Everything seems to be normal life. No, not everything. Her husband wears a mask and a collar and the first thing the lady does is to attach a chain to his collar. Then he is commanded to lick all the dirt from the street from her high heeled pumps. He must swallow everything and also suck the heels clean. After a massage he is allowed to change her shoes. The lady wears dangerous red pumps at home with spiked heels...

The Lawyer - Part 3

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Mr. Schindowsky has been thrown out and Madame Catarina wants to relax now. With a table bell she calls for her butler who has to bring the antik bowl and fill up the can with warm water. The butler then has to put off the lady's nylons very carefully and wash and towel her feet while the Mistress has a cigarette and watches arrogantly down on her slave's service.

The Lawyer - Part 2

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Mr. Schindowsky arrives at Madame Catarina's mansion. She opens the door and leads him into his office. His secretary complained of him because of sexual harassment. Madame Catarina should help him now. The deceitful lady plays her role as a lawyer exciting her next victim with her female charms.

As she asks him if he wants some drink, the cruel game really starts because Mr. Schindowsky drinks the water with the anesthesia drops...

The Lawyer - Part 1

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See Madame Catarina as a perfidious German lawyer who "helps" her clients in a very special way! She uses her female charms and anesthesia drops to make men helpless objects that are then corrected by her very stern educational methods.

In the first part you can see the private butler for the Mistress working in her luxurious office. Madame Catarina while driving back home, in her black sports car, calls her butler on her cell phone and tells him that a new client (victim) will arrive in 20 minutes. She commands her butler to prepare everything, including the drink with the anesthesia drops. You can see his preparations, mostly senseless and humiliating duties, while the Madame Catarina is driving back home.

Human Furniture

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How to use a slave? First you can see one of Madame Catarina's slaves in a helpless waiting position, his head attached to the door with a strong leather harness. It only takes some minutes and such a position becomes very painful, but the cruel Mistress has her slave attached to the door for many hours...

Cruel Games - Part 1-3

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Learn Madame Catarina's way to play at dice. The cruel rules: Every number stands for a sadistic instrument like a cane, a riding switch and so on. The slave has to dice twice. The first throw specifies the whip and the second throw the number of strokes... In the first part Madame Catarina explains the rules for her victim with an arrogant voice and chooses the instruments. Then the game starts: Hard strokes with a flexible riding switch...