Female Domination

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Rich Girl vs. Poor Slave

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Our latest clip clearly shows the difference between a rich girl and a poor slave: The rich girl tortures, the poor slave has to endure! But in this clip it's the stupid slave's own fault. Lady Missy wants to smoke a cigarette but the slave forgets the lighter!

That's no good idea especially if Lady Missy is in a bad mood. That's why he is instantly orderrd to kneel down and bent over the bench Lady Missy is sitting on. She grabs a cane and starts beating his ass. But that's not all of course. The cruel girl finds out a funny game: She brings the hot tip of her cigarette very close to his ass until he jumps away. He must stand up then and she plays the same game with his nipples again.

But sometime the game is over and she harshly commands him back to his knees. She then lays into him with a dressage whip and a very painful thin bull whip. She also uses the cane and a riding switch again. She beats him harder and harder and he needs more and more time to rest from the heavy strokes...

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