Whipping & Caning

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Outdoor Whipping Fun - BRANDNEW!

Miss May and her poor whipping boy

It's wonderful. As soon as the first rays of sunshine peep through the clouds, we head out into the fresh air with our Miss May and to the well-proportioned slave bottom! There's an old English saying, fitting for a dominant spring day with our whipping beauty. April showers bring May flowers!

100 Strokes Part 1 - BRANDNEW!

Miss Yuna and her helpless slave awaiting some cruel punishment

It has to be an absolute honor in times like these. Fresh oil costs a fortune at the gas station, but nothing is too expensive for the slave for our Miss Yuna. Of course, it is clear to us that there are small differences that affect the oil.

First Punishment Of The Day Part 1 - BRANDNEW!

Bounded slave is waiting for his severe punishment

What a lovely atmosphere. You almost feel a little like the young Empress Sissi. Of course, we have also put an empress for you on the boards that mean the world. Certainly not that graceful. But just as quick-witted. Just worthy of an eminence.

Severe Inner Thigh Punishment - BRANDNEW!

Domina Paulina Rouge and her naked sub

It's always exciting to watch when our great Lady Paulina Rouge prepares for a barbecue with slaves. Of course, these little gnomes are not invited to dinner. How would she do that? But preparation is always extremely important at such festivities.

100 Strokes - BRANDNEW!

Lady Iveta with her two pathetic slaves on the floor

Sometimes it just doesn't take many words to describe a situation. But let's sum it up like this. Sometimes it takes a hundred strikes to give your point of view some sustainability.

Thirty Merciless Strokes - BRANDNEW!

Domina Madita Pain steht hinter ihrem gebückten Sklaven

Our black widow is back in her torture chamber and she has planned a lot for you little bastard. In order to avoid boredom only the best instruments have been chosen. Dressed in a dream of a black catsuit and armed with a whole wide selection of different canes and whips she can be still a beauty.

Bullwhip Fun - BRANDNEW!

Lady Iveta mit Bullwhip hinter ihrem Sklaven

It's always not a good sign when Lady Iveta chains you to the St. Andrew's Cross. Then something is up to her. The good thing is you don't see it coming because you turn your back on her.

Bastinado On The Gynchair - BRANDNEW!

Miss Yuna and her sub on the gynochair

Some fight for a permanent erection, others against it. In the end, you never really know what is right. If our Miss Yuna has its way, erections should be locked away like penitent dogs. Of course, she always has the right cage with her.

Unbelievable 202 Strokes Part 4 (final) - BRANDNEW!

Lady Mänada haut ihrem Sub den Arsch blutig

Welcome to the Sado-ladies world of unbreakable records! We've all had them. Uncatchable and never achieved. Unspeakable atrocities and misdeeds that only served a single purpose. To be the best. Not a day goes by without a new milestone of meanness. No sunset without new superlatives in one of the countless studios of our ladies!

Sadistic Warmup Part 2 - BRANDNEW!

Domina Liane verhaut ihrem Sub den Arsch

The most important thing is always to warm up beforehand. Our old sports teacher always gave us that on the way. Of course, it's the same with a session. Here muscles have to be stretched and straightened. Not that our Domina Liane is still pulling herself a little.