Whipping & Caning

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Polish Lesson For Our Sissy - BRANDNEW!

Blonde Mistress Geneviere swings her cane

The hard school of life must be somewhere between Poznań and Warsaw said a very clever mistress while waving the stick in punishment! So, it's a good idea that our fantastic Miss Geneviere Malediv strayed into our studio on a kind of educational trip.

Cruelest Whipping - BRANDNEW

Lady Iveta sits seductively next to her fixated slave boy

What an ambiance. Like from a thousand and one nights. A touch of the exotic that whips through the premises. You could almost think you are in the harem of a sultan. However, the scantily clad ladies who lustfully thirst for a piece of masculinity are missing here.

Red Roses Red Ass Part 4 (final) - BRANDNEW!

Dominatrix Paulina squeezes her defenseless slave's cock

The grand finale is imminent. Through unbelievable three parts, our slave was allowed to struggle only to achieve the desired color of the ass. The dumplings were just a bonus here. But it looks good. Uniformly in a soft red. But there is room for improvement.

Red Roses Red Ass Part 3 - BRANDNEW!

Dominatrix Paulina Rouge with her fixated defenseless slave

Roses are red, the butt is still pale. The dominatrix laughs and the slave is in hell. For such rhymes we have attended the Sado-Ladies word-finding academy for a long time. Others would apparently also wish they were somewhere else than waiting bent over in front of Lady Paulina Rouge.

Ballbusting Fun - BRANDNEW!

The merciless dominatrix duo tortures the balls with their high boots

What brings 2 fantastic ladies a lot of fun? Ball games, of course. To be honest we are always far away from football, rugby or table tennis. Whereby the balls of the slaves are more like a table tennis ball than a soccer ball. But this is truly the state before the treatment.

Red Roses Red Ass Part 2 - BRANDNEW!

Dominatrix Paulina Rouge has a firm grip on her slave's balls

...But hey, we've pulled a brutal video out of a hat for you. Similar to a magician pulling a colorful bouquet of flowers out of his sleeve, our Lady Paulina Rouge pulls out all the stops. The competition? Everything should shine in rose red.

First Punishment Of The Day Part 2 - BRANDNEW!

Mistress Mänada is scratching her helpless slaves back

What a lovely atmosphere. You almost feel a little like the young Empress Sissi. Of course, we have also put an empress for you on the boards that mean the world. Certainly not that graceful. But just as quick-witted. Just worthy of an eminence.

100 Strokes Part 2 - BRANDNEW!

tall goddess Miss Yuna and her helpless sub awaiting some severe punishment

It has to be an absolute honor in times like these. Fresh oil costs a fortune at the gas station, but nothing is too expensive for the slave for our Miss Yuna. Of course, it is clear to us that there are small differences that affect the oil.

Red Roses Red Ass Part 1 - BRANDNEW!

Domina Paulina Rouge behind her bounded whipping slave

He's such a charmer. This slave has by far the best manners in the business. Or is it pure selfishness? As the saying goes, "a bouquet of flowers opens a lady's heart". But in the end, it's completely different things that are opened when our lady Paulina Rouge is on set.