Whipping & Caning

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Daily Bullwhip / Why Do You Scream?

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The cruel Lady Susan has a simple rule: A slave must be whipped every day!

Today she uses her long bullwhip to show him his place. Her slave kneels in front of her in one of the rooms in her villa. The Mistress wears a tight skirt and blouse and very dominant boots with metal spiked heels...

Attention: Not for the faint of heart! Extreme Bullwhipping!

All My Canes / Ride On The Bench

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Happy New Year Extra Update!

Lady de Maar has one of her slaves bound to the punishment horse and uses all of her canes on his ass. She tries very thin and flexible canes first, lates she uses her very strong rubber rubber cane which brings maximum pain to the slave! But that's what he is living for, isn't he?

Best Of Bullwhip - Part 1-2

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This is a special SADO-LADIES.com x-mas gift to you: A remix made for the lovers of cruel bullwhipping scenes which contains nothing else than that. Watch heartless leather mistresses, listen to the wonderful smacking sound of the whip and hear the screaming of the victims...

Best Of Caning - Part 1-2

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There is not much to say: Hard femdom caning only! The best and cruellest caning scenes from our movies! Madame Catarina in her most sadistic moods!

Best Of Whipping - Part 1-2

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All whipping scenes only from our bestseller movies in the autumn of 2006. See the beautiful but sadistic Madame Catarina beating slaves with her cruel whips.

The Old Horny Guy - Part 4-6

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Helpless chained to the cross the old guy has tu endure an extreme hard whipping. Lady de Winter has chosen her cruel, double ended single tails. This whip brings extreme pain to the victim and the arrogant Mistress uses it without any mercy. The old man screams and moans in pain but Lady de Winter hits him even harder...

The Old Horny Guy - Part 1-3

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Lady Susan de Winter has an old but permanently horny slave. To cure him from his horniness she first shows him how it feels to be fucked. She inserts sounds into his urethra and with the thickest steel she starts fucking his helpless cock...