Whipping & Caning

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Feet Up, Ass Whipped - Part 1-2

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Lady Missy is in the mood for a very good whipping. She orders her slave to lay down and chains his feet to a steel bar which she lifts up in the air. The slave is totally helpless now and his ass is a perfect target for Lady Missy's whips now.

She uses a very painful single tail first, called the lady whip. This whip looks very elegant but the thin end gives an indescribable pain to the slave. It really bits into the skin. Lady Missy then changes to her brown, heavy bullwhip and really lays into her victim. He becomes louder and louder now.

The cruel lady allows him a small break but she uses that time to come closer and she moves her terrible spurs on his already maltreated ass. She slowly moves the sharp wheel over his red skin and he reacts with loud screams. After a while the spoiled Mistress is bored by that and she starts over the beating but this time she uses the feared cane...

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