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Hard Hand Soft Flesh Part 4 (final) - BR …

Closeup of Paulina Rouge's bare feet

12-04-2024 Female Domination

Our lady struts around the slave barefoot. Runs around him like a predator looking for the next piece of meat. We have already noticed that she has already found it on him, but that he is not showing any signs of ...

Fishnet Foot Worship - BRANDNEW

Dominatrix Jolie Berrie has her feet licked

08-04-2024 Boots & High Heels

Splendid. This masterpiece has everything you need for a fantastic experience. A sexy young lady in an incredibly tight and brief leather dress, long, really long lace-up boots and a slave whose drool is already dripping from his lips at the ...

An Electrifying Challenge - BRANDNEW

Lady Iveta punishes her sub with electric shocks

04-04-2024 Female Domination

Well, that can't be that difficult, can it? Basically, just a small bowl filled with water which should be held over the head. Waitresses at the “Oktoberfest” haul mugs of beer all day. So, it should be an easy exercise after ...

Ashtray For Miss Malediv - BRANDNEW!

Domina Geneviere Maldiv lets her slave light her cigarette

31-03-2024 Human Ashtrays

We say it again and again when our Miss Geneviere Maldives visits us. Just don't open your dirty mouth so much, keep your mouth shut and bow down in front of your mistress. But are you listening? Do you take our ...

Poor Slave Whacked Part 4 - BRANDNEW!

Dominatrix Johanna has fixed her sub to the wheel

27-03-2024 Whipping & Caning

Mill wheels used to have a completely different function. But times change. But you can get a little nostalgic. The slave of our Johanna here won't care in the end. He probably went black anyway after standing on his head for ...

Trampling On The Terrace - BRANDNEW

Lady Iveta enjoys a trampling unit on the terrace

23-03-2024 Female Domination

There are cultures in which this form of massage is considered a special treat. But there are mistresses for whom this kind of treatment means more pain, humiliation and submission. Lady Iveta is back and in her latest video she offers ...

Selinas Play Part 1 - BRANDNEW!

Mistress Selina Morgan pulls her latex slaves face close to her

19-03-2024 Female Domination

Yes, she is very playful, our Lady Selina Morgan. In fact, she uses every little opportunity to let her play instinct run free. We think that makes them good and it also benefits us all. We're not talking about poker, backgammon ...

Her Brandnew Overknees Part 2 - BRANDNEW …

Lady Iveta looks dominantly down at her slave who is lying on the floor

15-03-2024 Boots & High Heels

Goodness, the slippers sparkle like the starry sky over the Caribbean. We've never been there, but there was a documentary on Discovery once. But we're digressing again. Although it's not that far away. After all, our Lady Iveta is also about ...

Hard Hand Soft Flesh Part 3 - BRANDNEW! …

Dominatrix Paulina Rougle puts her feet on her slave's face

11-03-2024 Female Domination

A slave without an erection after our Paulina Rouge took care of him? Impossible do you think? Then see for yourself. If it doesn't work with your toes, heels or the whole foot, just shove a few fingers down your throat. ...

Suffer for the Mistress - BRANDNEW

Lady Iveta enjoys ashes into her slave's mouth

07-03-2024 Human Ashtrays

Sometimes she sounds as warm and sweet as a good mother. So empathetic and understanding. But deep in her chest, two hearts seem to be beating. The one compassionate and the other which clamps your nipples off at any time.