Human Ashtrays

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Abusing The Wimp

A lot of men have the same problem: Overestimation of one's own capabilities! Like this young boy who thought he could become a slave of Lady Chanel and Lady Faye. And then he is surprised by heartless dominance.

It's already to late for the boy as he kneels in front of these two young and arrogant ladies. As Chanel tells him that he will serve as their human ashtray now, all he can say is: Yes Mistress. But he has no idea what that means. Chanel pulls on the chain of his collar and drops hot ashes into his mouth. "Swallow!", she commands and immediatly Faye orders him to turn and to tak her ash.

While she drops the ash into his mouth, Chanel digs her sharp stiletto heels into his back. He already moans in pain but he has to continue to serve as an ashtray. And you would not believe but Faye drops ash to the floor just to step on his head and press it down hard against the floor. Both ladies now continue to make the wimp lick the ash and all the other dirt from the floor. No mercy and no pity.

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