Female Domination

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An Electrifying Challenge - BRANDNEW

Lady Iveta punishes her sub with electric shocks

Well, that can't be that difficult, can it? Basically, just a small bowl filled with water which should be held over the head. Waitresses at the “Oktoberfest” haul mugs of beer all day. So, it should be an easy exercise after all.

Trampling On The Terrace - BRANDNEW

Lady Iveta enjoys a trampling unit on the terrace

There are cultures in which this form of massage is considered a special treat. But there are mistresses for whom this kind of treatment means more pain, humiliation and submission. Lady Iveta is back and in her latest video she offers everything that increases greed for feet.

Selinas Play Part 1 - BRANDNEW!

Mistress Selina Morgan pulls her latex slaves face close to her

Yes, she is very playful, our Lady Selina Morgan. In fact, she uses every little opportunity to let her play instinct run free. We think that makes them good and it also benefits us all. We're not talking about poker, backgammon or battleships here, of course.

Hard Hand Soft Flesh Part 3 - BRANDNEW!

Dominatrix Paulina Rougle puts her feet on her slave's face

A slave without an erection after our Paulina Rouge took care of him? Impossible do you think? Then see for yourself. If it doesn't work with your toes, heels or the whole foot, just shove a few fingers down your throat. It will have some effect.

Vampire Gloves - BRANDNEW!

Miss May tortures her defenseless sub with her Vampire Gloves

Actually, vampires hate crosses and avoid them like the ... vampire avoids the cross! Well, I think we all understand that now. Thank God our Miss May isn't a vampire either. Otherwise we would have to shoot at night and we're just too tired for that!

Strapon Deepthroat - BRANDNEW!

Mistress Madita Pain with a strapon ready to stuff her sub's mouth

We would say that it is a completely normal penis length. But when we look at this ungrateful little bastard, we get our doubts! Mistress Madita is back for some nice gags and is presenting her to the bursting cocked shaft!

Hard Hand Soft Flesh Part 2 - BRANDNEW!

Dominatrix Paulina Rouge plays with the slave's cock with her bare feet

After a short orientation, the little imp can then blow his mistress's heels nicely and, above all, thoroughly. Like a hard cock, this little perverted bastard sucks her shoes like a pro. As if he would otherwise only appear in the darkest corners of a train station toilet.


Mistress Madita Pain laughs at her gagged sub

We still have the hope that this dirty little bastard doesn't need his dick anymore, but we're not really sure! Tied up, neatly wrapped like a Christmas present and silenced with a gag, Mistress Madita's slave waits for the final ordeal! She dressed up especially for it.

Trampling In Eveningdress - BRANDNEW!

Lady Mänada stands barefoot on the face of her defenseless slave

Some walk over sticks and stones, others over slaves. Our fantastic Lady Mänada shows us what is important when you do so. The right wardrobe is crucial for a successful trip to the inhospitable hills of “Slaveistan"!