Female Domination

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Jolies Play Part 2 - BRANDNEW!

Lady Jolie Berrie sits on her slaves face

The first impression is always crucial. The face of an angel, a dreamy body, but the hardness of steel and concrete! May we introduce Lady Jolie Berrie. Many have fallen for this first impression. It is rumored that many of them were never seen again. But of course, that's just an urban legend. Probably...

Lick My Armpits - BRANDNEW!

Miss May and her chastity slave on the bed

What an unbelievable meanness. Cocks used to have free rein and were allowed to dangle frivolously in the fresh air. But thanks to our Miss May, times have changed and there is no longer a gentle breeze around these wrinkled appendages of the male world.

The Five Basic Rules Part 2 - BRANDNEW!

Lady Johanna fucks her helpless slave on the gyn chair

Do you know the 5 basic rules? We're not talking about the offside rule in soccer or women's menstrual periods. Road traffic rules also not. As you will surely notice, the entire life apparently consists only of rules and guidelines. There is absolutely no difference in Lady Johanna's studio.

The Meathammer And Other Nasties - BRANDNEW!

Domina Selina Morgan and her naked slave on the bench

At some point we'll get to the point where we can sell schnitzel. As you know, we always have enough tenderized meat on offer. Our fantastic ladies alone take care of that. In this case, it's Lady Selina Morgen who gives the buttocks of this slave the last rites.

Torture The Tied Cock - BRANDNEW!

Eva Liliel Black with her tortured slave boy

Well laced is half tortured! Certainly, one of our old truisms again, but we are consistent there. And if the slave hangs around so lazily, you can prepare him for torture right away. Our madame Eva-Liliel can be sure that this lazy rascal has nothing else to do, otherwise he wouldn't have scratched her door like a regretful mutt.

Pegging In Lingerie - BRANDNEW!

Miss Yuna fucks her toy from behind

We're not so sure why the slave's ass glows so incredibly red. If we remember correctly, it was before Miss Yuna rammed her strap on up his ass. But we don't really know anymore. Either way, it hits pretty hard. It wouldn't be surprising that the intensity of the bumps turned my ass red.

Two Ladies In Jeans Part 3 (final) - BRANDNEW!

Two Sado Ladies in tight jeans and corsets

Well, what two precious little diamonds do we have here? Damn high boots, tight jeans and pretty stern looks. That can only be our two fantastic ladies Geneviere Malediv and Louis Lion. You rarely see a double pack like this. Powerful, cruel and handsome at the same time. A perfect complete package.

Lianes Play Part 2 - BRANDNEW!

Domina Liane needles her subs nipples

Are you afraid of needles? Are you worried about medical procedures? Or are you one of those people who, like our slave, sit expectantly on a gynecological chair and even look forward to the treatment? It's amazing what our slaves, or rather Domina Liane's slaves, have to endure. For us it was so much that we absolutely had to pack it into 2 parts.

Silent Spitting - BRANDNEW!

Mistress Cloe spits in her slave's mouth

Dressed in black Lady Cloe is back. And she is bringing you a mouthful of joy and pleasure. Just in case that you’re a willing to swallow her innermost part. She knows how to tease, torture and tantalize her yawning little servant.

May I Cum Mistress Part 3 - BRANDNEW!

Domina Selina Morgan lässt ihren Sub abspritzen

The great art is to be celibate, like the yogi in his lonely mountain hut. Mastery and control are everything. But if we're being honest, the old yogi is planing the wood in his hut like a carpenter is planing the wooden leg of a hundred-year-old pirate. abstinence and self-control. Let's be honest.