Female Domination

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Human Furniture

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How to use a slave? First you can see one of Madame Catarina's slaves in a helpless waiting position, his head attached to the door with a strong leather harness. It only takes some minutes and such a position becomes very painful, but the cruel Mistress has her slave attached to the door for many hours...

Madame Catarina enters the room in a new, stunning leather outfit. She carps at the slave because he didn't step back fast enough. The Mistress starts to relax with a cigarette but the small wooden footstool isn't really most comfortable. With a cold smile the Lady releases the slave from the door and orders him to put another cruel device on the flor. The slave has to go down on all fours and his legs and arms are attached to the metal rack. Now, the leather goddess has a really comfortable footstool...

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