Female Domination

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Cruel Leather Milking

This strong slave is securely chained to the wall with his hands on the back and his feet above his head. Awaiting his daily milking by Mistress Ella Kros.

Ella is dressed in skin tight, black leather and high heeled boots. The slave's member immediatly comes to life but that's much to fast. With her riding crop Miss Kros damages the upcoming erection before she starts over to tease him.

She grabs his cock with full hand and orders him to fuck her hand. It's a hard job in his position but a slave has to earn a release. In the end Ella starts wanking his dick, he has to ask for permission to cum and under Ella's expert fingers he has a hard and painful orgasm. You can see that strong man struggling like crazy in his chains but Ella squeezes every little drop out of his balls before she arrogantly put off her gloves...

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