Female Domination

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Ashtray Training In The Cellar

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When the night has come and it's quiet in the cellar only the sound of high heeled boots will break the silence. Lady Chanel returns to one of the slaves who was brought by his owner for an ashtray training.

Chanel has put him the cage for several days now and everytime she comes down to the cellar, she does the same cruel training with him. She opens the door of the cage and orders him out with a sharp command. The she puts an iron ring between his teeth so he can't close his mouth anymore. She kicks him with her boots and orders him back to the cage. She pulls the chains from his collar and takes a confortable seat next to the cage.

The slave lights up the long white cigarette for the young goddess who uses him as her ashtray now. Over the last days he became reasonably useful but he still fears the end of the cigarette...

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