Female Domination

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Ashtray For Arrogant Girls

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Have a look at the preview picture and make your own decision: Is it heaven or hell when you are called by Lady Chanel to come over and serve these two young goddesses?

Maybe it's both. It's a privilege for that slave to be so close to these leather clad ladies in their high boots. But being so close to them always means pain! He is used by the arrogant girls as an human ashtray. Lady Chanel orders him to open his mouth and both Mistresses drop the hot ash from their cigarettes on his tongue. A short faceslap by Lady Faye's leather gloved hand means: Close your mouth and swallow!

While the slave is used this way the girls do not stop to verbally humiliate him. They make plans what they will do to him next and they ask him if he would like that. Then they laught out laught because nobody is interested in his answer...

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