Female Domination

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Abusing An Old Slave

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They are young, they are spoiled, they are cruel and they love to dominate men, no matter how old they are. Lady Chanel and Lady Faye are a dangerous duo.

Especially if they want to enjoy a nice evening. Every slave knows what that means by now. Dressed in their skin tight leather leggings and high boots, the yound goddesses are sitting at the bar, enjoying a glas of champagne. All they need for a perfect evening is a slave and so Chanel calls her old private slave. He is ordered to greet her properly by licking her boots and then he may light up the cigarettes for the mean girls.

The fun can start now. He is ordered to lay down on the floor. The cruel ladies start to step on his hands and feet with their sharp heels and all the time they use his mouth as their ashtray. If they drop ash to the dirty ground, he must lick it away...

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