Female Domination

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She Tastes I Swallow

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Another story from the life of Miss Leni's old private slave. The young Mistress wants to have a break with some cookies and a cafe. She sits down on the bed in a breath taking outfit.

Her skin tight leather leggins just look amazing on her body. Working as a fashion model Miss Leni doesn't want too much coockies. So she decides just to have the taste of them. Then she will spit them into the slaves mouth. The very old man has to lay under her bed, Miss Leni pins his head to the floor with her sharp high heels and then she simply uses him as an human rubbish bin.

She reaaly enjoys her idea. Now, she can have as much cookies as she wants without thinking about her body. The old man can swallow them all, he is nothing more than a slave to the young and spoiled lady...

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