Female Domination

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Old Slave's Diary - Her Human Ashtray

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After the slave has cleaned Miss Leni's expensive heels the young and spoiled Mistress wants to relax with a cigarette. To make it more difficult for her old private slave to serve her, she chains his hands on his back.

With an arrogant smile she throws her cigarette packet through the air. The old man was told to catch it with his mouth but of course he fails. Miss Leni laughts out loud and throws the packet again... now he is allowed to pick it up with his hands. That's difficult enough for an old man, with his hands chained on his back.

But the humiliation really begins now. The mean girl points on the matchbox and orders him to light up her cigarette. With his hands on the back he tries to open the box... so much fun for the spoiled lady as he tries to hold it with his mouth and all the matches fall out of the box...

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