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Old Slave's Diary - She Fucks My Face

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This is another story from Miss Leni's old slave's diary. The spoiled younf lady presents her slave was she has bought for him: A very big strap on! And she tells him that she will fuck his face now.

He must watch her while she puts the strap-on on her sexy hips and how lazy she sits on the chair in front of him. He then is ordered to put a condom on the rubber cock and the young goddess commands him to start blowing. First he hesitates but then he slowly starts. For a bigger humiliation, Miss Leni applies a dark red lipsstick to his mouth to make him her perfect sissy bitch.

But then she starts the action. She grabs his her and forces his head forward and backward on the strapon to make sure the old slave does a good blow job. After a while he must take away his own spit from the rubber cock. Then, Miss Leni stands up, grabs his head and really starts fucking his face...

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