Female Domination

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Beg For Pain - Part 1-2

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This fresh and new slave was broughht to Lady Lilith to train and teach him the right way to beg for pain. The cruel Mistress enters the room and looks at the boy in the cage.

"So, we can do it the easy way", she says, "just ask for punishment!" The new slave looks up to her and asks, why he should ask someone to hurt him. Lady Lilith just smiles at him with cold eyes. She opens the cage and pulls the slave out to some chains hanging down from the sailing.

She orders him again to beg for the pain and as he denies she brings down a painful cat whip on his back. She starts a heavy whipping. The boy screams in pain but she doesn't stop, she really lays into him, hard lash after hard lash. She grabs his hair, pulls his head back and comes so close to his face that he can smell her expensive perfume. "Beg for the pain", she whispers in his ear very softly...

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