Female Domination

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Blonde Poison

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Mistress Akella is a vamp and no slave can resist her. Everytime the stunning goddess enters the dark room, her victim's cock grows up in a few seconds and becomes stone hard. And that's what the blonde poison expects!

A hard cock is the perfect playground for her sadistic games. This time she starts with a very peinful needle wheel wich she moved slowly over the already dropping cock. But before the slave gets a chance to become too horny, she put heavy clamps on his nipples. The cruel lady then puts clothespins on his cock wich are all connected with a line. She takes her riding crop and beats the clamp. They bit harder into his balls and cock with every stroke and the victim moans in pain.

The Mistress tells him that she will release him now, counting to three and then she will pull on the line.... 1... 2... 3...

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