Female Domination

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Harsh Ponyboy Drill - Part 3

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The wild ride continues. Lady Missy forced her ponyboy to run as fast as possible. But somehow it is not fast enough for the spoiled riding Mistress. She stops her ponyboy and makes him kneel an all fours.

"I told you to run faster", she says and gives him a heavy stroke with her thin riding switch. Stroke by stroke follows the firt one until the ponyboy's ass has turned into a nice red colour. But Lady Missy is in a sadistic mood. "Stay here!", she commands and as she returns she has a cane ion her hand. She slowly puts on black leather gloves and now she canes the boy very hard until the second ride starts.

The second ride end with the same result like the first: Lady Missy is not satisfied with the performance of her ponyboy to the second caning follows. As it seems that the boy can't thake more strokes she sits on his as and rolls her cruel sharp spurs up and down his ass...

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